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Easiest way to share your menu online.
Hassle free real time menu updates.
A lot of important reports, customer behaviour report, daily sales report.
Easily upgradable to real time order system.
Fits right in your restaurant ecosystem, among your owners, customers, waiters, cashiers, managers.
Know your customer through our inbuilt customer tracking system.

Everything you need to scale your restaurant

Curated features to increase your staff efficiency, recurring customers with amazing customer engagement.


Restaurant POS

Get real time view of your running orders, customers and their status. Create new orders , process and serve them to your customers by automating order management process.

Contactless Order

With the QR for menu, your customers can directly place an order or request waiter for tissue, water, bills etc, without having to wait for an actual waiter.

Overview & Reporting

Just login and go to your desired restaurant for its overview and management. Also get the daily analysis of the sales and payment in your email.

Digital Menu

Share your menu with a QR or a link on various online platforms. With the QR or link your customers can browse and share your menu with their friends and family.

Learn valuable information from your customer behaviour.

As your restaurant grows, so grows your customer behaviour data and we help you make important business oriented decisions to improve your customer retention/engagement.

Real time updates about orders, bills, customers and staffs.

Get real time updates and take actions as they happen. Keep track of cooking, serving time for every single order. Insights about orders will eventually help you improve your cancellation rates, customer retention/engagement.

Your customers love Orderita.
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Real time order management is very easy to use, and has helped my team increase effeciency Gagan Adhikari
Learning how the customer behaves, their eating and spending habit has been very helpful to my business. Saurav Rai
Going through various restaurant management system, Orderita was most easy to learn and had unique features that my business needed. Their support team helped us get up and running in very few hours. I personally love Orderita so does my team.
John Doe
Aman Ranabhat Owner

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